Travel: In The Bag

Here are some items you’ll want wherever you roam this season – as well as the extraordinary luggage to tote them in.


The ecbc 22’ Falcon Wheeled Duffle is a TSA-friendly, premium piece of luggage with tons of beneficial bells and whistles. Tech items are fiercely protected with padded compartments. The TSA-friendly FastPass ® system enables you to unzip your FastPass compartment, display your protected electronics and cords, lay the luggage flat, and send the whole bag through the checkpoint scanner. No more time-consuming unpacking into those grey bins. Bonus: the luggage comes with a power pack, so you’re always fully charged, which is quite the godsend at times. It rolls easily, holds much, and is as sturdy as they come. Read more at


The first thing you should pack is a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones. The AKG N60NC headphones found at Harman’s ( are portable, lightweight and offer noise cancellation (think: a crying baby on a 10 hour flight). Sleek with comfy ear padding, these headphones solve the wire problem, and offer crystal clear audio. In fact, everything at offers industry-first features and personalized listening experiences at home, while traveling, or while working out – so pick up some gifts for music lovers at this excellent source for all things audio.

Pain relief 3

If you’re feeling cramped post-travel after a long day of delayed flights, reach for TruMedic’s MicroTens Unit, which has a snap-on electrode pad to deliver heady massage relief to tired muscles. It’s wire-free and pocket or purse-sized. This powerful pain reliever for sore muscles is excellent for post-workouts, too. Toss it in your bag, because it definitely comes in handy. Read more at

HYH Leggings Heels Back 2

Wherever you’re headed, you’ll undoubtedly want to look fit, so pack a pair of useful Hold Your Haunches leggings and shapewear. They’re ingenius, comfortable and extremely effective for slenderizing. Visit and check out their entertaining video, too. Pick some up for friends as gifts, and don Hold Your Haunches for holiday parties.

RuMe 5

The RuMe Cape May monogrammed scarf is versatile for traveling, pulling double duty as accessory and cover up when chilly or on the beach (and it’s a personalized, thoughtful gift). Tote your toiletries, change or credit cards in any of the the RuMe baggies for travel (Jet Set is a perfect for jewelry, with various compartments) — and pick up a vegan leather handbag with interchangeable, personalized emblems, all found at Baby travel organizers, too!

Happy Trails.


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