Metro Travel: In The Bag


When the ice and snow descend, some people start packing. If you’re one of those sun-worshipping people who migrate to balmier climes for the holidays, here are some things you’ll want to take:

Duffield Lane is a luxe leisure company, specializing in soft, elegant sleep sets, shirt dresses, beach cover-ups, yacht appropriate short ensembles, robes, tunic tops, tunic dresses, and more at Whether you want to sleep poolside or in a bed, this is where you’ll find the most comfortable and stylish options. A great resource for holiday gifts too.

Travelers will appreciate the Velvetwire Powerslayer, a smart USB charger that prevents overcharging, promotes long-term battery performance and eliminates power waste — you can leave your device plugged in 24/7 with a clear conscience. With an LED indicator and tangle-free cloth cable, this green tech solution was inspired by sailing. Use it with an iPhone, iPad and iPod, and find it at

You’ll want to step into some massaging, gel-infused Flopz for the beach or spa for ultimate comfort. Lightweight and easy to pack, they also come in a rainbow of colors (and sparkle options too, for dazzling in the sunlight). Pick your favorite styles at

When you’re in a hot, humid place, what could be better than a Cool Flash Pillow requiring no electricity, water, refrigeration or batteries? Genius! Excellent for post-workouts, yoga, and for any situation where you’ll love to cool things down a bit. Find full body, pillow, seat, and pet versions at

Another useful idea: BooginHead Pack ‘Ems Reusable Snack Pouches are not only fantastic for toting your own snacks on planes, trains and automobiles, but they can hold items such as hair bands, toothpaste, soap, sunscreen and other sundries for travel in your luggage. Toxin free and dishwasher friendly, they’re available in two sizes per packet at

If you’re dining al fresco or near the beach in a Caribbean climate, rubbing Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil on your legs protects them from insect bites by creating a type of shield (note: this was discovered the hard way). So take a tip and pack some baby oil – you’ll be grateful you did.

Bon Voyage and stay warm!

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