My Trip to Capitol Spa

Looking for the ultimate rest and relaxation in Montpelier, Vermont? Look no further than Capitol Spa founded by Margo Hanson. She is committed to the art of self-care by offering extravagant and organic services.

When I walked in there was a lovely display of products and an air of stillness.

Margo saw me right away as I went in for a deep tissue massage. Her expert hands worked out knots and kinks as I was transported to a state of bliss.

All too soon it was over, but the session didn’t end there as I headed to the sauna to sweat out my worries. It was a perfect temperature and I even started to doze off before long.

To freshen up, I took a hot, on-site shower in the bathroom, which was stocked with impressively fancy products.

After I felt clean, calm, and collected, I was ready to continue on the next leg of my journey. You should journey here, too. Visit Capitol Spa on your next trip to Vermont!