Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost – Or Unprepared

There are two types of people in this world: those who want to be prepared for a fun camping trip or a challenging hike, and those who want to survive the zombie apocalypse. I don’t make the rules, but I do fall into the latter demographic. Luckily for me (and my future band of fellow survivors), there’s a lot of crossover when you’re packing a bag for both of those scenarios. Sure, you’re going to want comfortable, all-terrain sneakers, breathable clothes, a water bottle, non-perishable snacks, and a flashlight, but what you simply can’t do without is a well-stocked first aid kit. Enter Be Smart Get Prepared’s® Happy Wanderer™ first aid kit.

This soft-sided sidekick features a beautiful landscape design and easily recognizable orange color.

I’ve purchased my fair share of first aid kits in the past, but they were all either too small to carry more than a few adhesive bandages and maybe a roll of tape, or too cumbersome to be portable (maneuverability is definitely a factor when it comes to avoiding the undead – or navigating a steep and rocky trail). I found myself unwilling to sacrifice having enough first aid solutions to treat a variety of health needs, but also reticent to weigh myself down and not have enough room for other important gear. That’s why I’m pleased to report this 15 oz. (that’s one ounce shy of just one pound, for my fellow math-phobics), 9” x 3” x 5” powerhouse of a first aid kit is like a medical TARDIS – it’s bigger on the inside. Boasting a whopping 134 pieces, it has everything the adventurous outdoorsman (and group medic) could hope for.

A small but mighty outdoor adventure companion – and just like all the best dresses, it has pockets.

So just how many potential outdoor scenarios can this little case be useful for other than the standard need of bandages and ointment? Turns out a whole lot! Non-allergic bee sting? Slap a sting relief wipe on it. Suffered a first- or second-degree burn? Cool down with an instant cold compress and soothe the ache with burn cream. Suffering from nature’s paper-cut (aka splinters)? Extract those bad boys with a splinter remover tool. Wandered into some leaves of three you should have let be? Avoid the rash with a poison ivy wipe. Insects want to be your best friend? Send them hiking with insect repellent. Run into some unexpected cold temperatures? Your 84” x 52” emergency blanket has you covered – literally!

Have an injury that’s looking less “cut” and more “wound?” This little guy includes SILVEX® Wound Gel with Nano Silver Technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria and creates a protective barrier for up to THREE days! That’s long enough for a weekend camping trip or until you find another band of survivors to barter with for medical care.

And for the group medics who want to make sure they’re not delivering any harmful germs along with their bedside manner, examination gloves, alcohol prep pads, antiseptic wipes, and a handy-dandy First Aid Guide with essential instructions help keep everyone protected! I’d keep listing things, but I don’t want to run out of internet, so check out the full list below.

134 first aid treatment products – all that’s missing is a co-pay!

If you’re ready to add Be Smart Get Prepared’s® Happy Wanderer™ first aid kit to your “go bag,” save a little room for a side of good karma! For every kit sold, a donation will be made to enrich, empower, and encourage underserved children and families around the world through education, resources, community strengthening, and mental, spiritual, and physical health and wellness support! Learn more at and give back to those in need while giving yourself – and mankind’s other survivors – peace of mind.