Off-Season Long Island Beach Trip


I wholeheartedly prefer off-season beach trips. You don’t have to deal with the throngs of families descending upon the sands like plagues of locusts who don’t appreciate Lilly Pulitzer coolers and aren’t finance bros struggling to maintain their fleeting metabolisms. With my dwindling sanity spiraling ever downward thanks to our extended winter, I jumped at the chance to spend the weekend in Greenport at the Silver Sands Motel when warm weather finally hit.


This past Friday a friend and I took the last train out of Penn Station on the LIRR. Greenport was only one transfer and three hours away, which was the perfect excuse for him to study (ugh, med student) and me to drink wine out of a coffee cup while catching up on Martha Stewart Living.


The motel was a short drive away from the train station, nestled down a driveway away from the main drag. We were given a room close to the water, and thrilled with the roomy accommodations that looked over the Long Island Sound. Grateful that any of his studying for the night was thwarted by tequila (of course I packed a Magic Bullet Blender because I love margaritas and have so many issues), we threw on jackets and wandered around the water. The gentle lapping created a cathartic rhythm as we explored the surrounding area and scenery that thankfully didn’t involve city lights.

The next morning we woke up on the earlier side to not waste such a gorgeous day, and enjoyed coffee while overlooking the water. He studied for the rest of the morning because apparently becoming a Doctor is hard or something (excellent Wifi in the rooms, insert praying hands emoji), while I wandered along the scenic shoreline next to the motel and collected sea shells. One of the other benefits of getting in during the off-season is that you’re among the first people to get to all the good shells.


By the time I returned, my companion was busy ogling the Elle photo shoot that was happening outside our window and we packed to head to town and eventually the city. Again one of the owners was kind enough to give us a ride to town and dropped us off at Bruce & Son at his recommendation. We ate outside and it was not only great for people watching, but some of the best damn sandwiches we’ve had in a while. We’re going to try to recreate the fig jam, pesto and prosciutto grilled cheese soon.


After exploring Greenport’s quaint and covetable town center that was filled with places to shop, loiter and eat, we made our way to the Jitney stop and headed back to Manhattan. Again it was the perfect excuse for him to study and me to attempt to bother him.


All in all, it was a disturbingly idyllic weekend that just made staring at my cubicle come Monday that much harder. If you’re looking for an excellent place to hang your hat that isn’t in the usual Hampton’s haunts but with all of the charm, try Greenport’s Silver Sands Motel.


Silver Sands Motel

1400 Silvermere Rd, Greenport, NY 11944

(631) 477-0011


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