Outside in the Cold? Slip Into a Hygger Nanuk Body Suit

Whether you’re trekking to or camping out in Iceland, Greenland, Alaska, Norway, upstate New York, or your local grocery store, you’ll want to stay warm with the Hygger full body down comforter suit, which is basically a toasty down comforter with arms and legs. The concept is brilliant when temperatures plummet and you want to stay dry and comfortable.

Hygger History
Hygger – Nanuk (Polar Bear) — enables a good night’s sleep in a sleeping bag without feeling uncomfortable. Hygger sleeping bags with arms and legs are ideal for you if you:
— have the favored sleeping positions of laying on the side or stomach (76% of population)
— feel restrained in your traditional sleeping bag during rest
— are an active sleeper that values freedom to move
— enjoy lounging where you are without getting cold

The brand Hygger is derived from the Nordic word “Hygge,” a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. Hygger Nanuk follows the tradition of the original sleeping bag with arms and legs (Ajungilak Gubbe from 1936) and names its bag in Inuit. Nanuk means Polar Bear. It’s the first human-shaped sleeping bag that comes in a healthy relation of weight, pack size, temperature rating and price. With the Nanuk you can have arms and legs on your sleeping bag and sleep free without carrying an inconvenient mountain of material with you.

Hygger Nanuk has been redesigned from the ground up to provide a maximum of mobility, comfort and warmth. It comes in a significantly reduced pack size and weight for ultra-light toting. 3M´s proven Thinsulate insulation keeps you warm. Featuring a silky micro nylon rip stop shell and micro nylon taffeta lining, removable booties, snag free centrally aligned two way YKK zippers, and a shape that is not too tight or too billowy. Whether you’re a restless adventure-seeker or love lounging on your couch in cozy warmth, this is perfect for all of your outings or indoor moments.

Order yours HERE and check out the Hygger videos, too!