Philadelphia: An SOS Spa Session with Joseph Anthony

It’s a given: life is stressful. How to deal with that stress? Go to the spa. Joseph Anthony was my saving grace as I made my way to Center City during rush hour. I won’t recommend it but eventually I made it to Philadelphia (and found street parking!). My muscles were so sore from working out and sitting in traffic as I found my way to the Loews hotel. Bustling patrons checked into their rooms, guests chatted at the bar while sipping something dark on the rocks, and a friendly host greeted me as I entered the lobby. They directed me to the spa via the elevator as I continued my journey to my relaxation destination.

When I arrived, a smiling receptionist greeted me as I checked in. “Complimentary drinks: water, tea, coffee, champagne, mimosas?” I thought for a moment. When in Rome… I requested a Mimosa and a water, to keep me hydrated. A few moments later as I sat in the waiting room, a lovely woman approached and led me to the dressing area.

“What scent of foot bath would you like? Lavender or peppermint?” She asked as she brought me a pair of flip flops to wear.

“Foot bath…?” I replied, as I put my bag into my locker.

“Yes, foot bath.”

Joseph Anthony, truly starting on a luxuriously high note. I like it.


Once I changed into my plush robe (a mix between a cloud, a down blanket, and marshmallow), I walked over to the area for my foot soak. A warm glow from the candles radiated a soft aura as I sipped on my bubbly Mimosa. The woman from before stopped by to let me know the person servicing me this evening would be Vinesha. After some time (and finishing off my Mimosa), a gorgeous woman with an even more beautiful presence arrived in the room: Vinesha. She guided me to the start of my treatment: a Turkish bath with the Body Polish in Champagne Citrus.

I entered a steamy room that looked like something from a spaceship, yet with Old World qualities. I was in love. Vinesha explained what would take place: from a rinse down, scrub, to another rinsing. Repeat on the other side. She gave me a few moments to disrobe. I felt giddy and a tad nervous. I was about to be naked in front of a stranger, both physically and emotionally vulnerable. Luckily, I was able to find a sense of calm as I climbed onto the heated stone bed. I looked up at the ceiling, custom-made to mirror a sky full of constellations. Heaven on Earth.

A knock on the door. It was Vinesha checking in, ready to start my Turkish Bath. She sprayed me down with a warm mist, making sure to get every nook and cranny before scrubbing me down. The treatment was like something out of a princess’ bathing ritual. Scents of bubbling champagne and bright citrus tickled my nose, my mind drifted away as my body luxuriated in the sensations. Who knows how much time had passed when Vinesha rinsed me off and flipped me over to do my back, repeating the process. This Utopian bath ended with a final rinse off, and Vinesha helped me sit up. She gave me directions to take my time in coming back to Earth and to head to the Brine room to await my hot stone massage.

The twinkling droplets of water echoed in the room while my senses floated back to me. I put on my robe, tottering over to the mystical Brine room.

Filled with real sheets of salt, the room felt like a detox to my lungs. I sipped my water for a few moments while some ladies beside me spoke about their sessions.

“I love that massage, she really got into my back!” One woman exclaimed.

“It was so peaceful I nearly fell asleep,” Another woman giggled.

It was a sweet moment of female bonding that only the spa can facilitate.

After some time, Vinesha popped into the room, letting me know the hot stone massage was ready. I gave a simple smile to the group of ladies and followed Vinesha to the coveted massage.

The room was dim except for the pink salt lamp and tea candles on the counter. Just like the Turkish Bath, Vinesha gave me a few moments alone to get nude and lay on the table. This time around, I felt more zen and comfortable as I laid on the table, nude. The room was warm and smelled of lavender. Pure bliss.

About five minutes later, Vinesha came in and got to work on giving me the massage of my life. She used lavender oil to massage my back. Then my legs, arms, and neck. Time ceased to exist as I fell into an ocean of serenity. The hot stones felt particularly indulgent, as she smoothed them over my back and arms. Then all-too-soon, my massage was over. She gently woke me up and asked how I was.

I just gave a thumbs up and an euphoric smile. This was very much needed.

My time at Joseph Anthony was beyond anything I could have expected. The techniques, materials, and most importantly the people, made my time in Philadelphia one to remember. I hope to be booking my next appointment very soon!