Pillows, Paris and Performances:
Budding Pop Star Kimberly Cole’s Travel Tips

One of Kimberly’s personal shots from a favorite destination: Paris

Kimberly Cole is a SoCal girl on the move. Not only is the former MTV VJ’s singing career taking off (her single “Nitty Gritty” is out now, with two more tracks due in the upcoming movie “Fame”) but the girl is a champion roller-skater and starting her own roller-skating-meets-high-fashion clothing line, too. Being so in demand only means one thing – lots of travel. Kimberly has been to most of the 50 states, France, Mexico, Germany and more, so we grilled her to see how she stays in shape, packs light and balances it all while enjoying the trip.

BN: As a champion roller-skater, you must keep in shape. How do you stay on track while traveling?
KC: I have to really watch what I eat when I am traveling and I try to stay in my own time zone regardless of where I am. Hotel gyms are fabulous too, or a nice jog to check out the local scenery!

BN: Any on-the-go beauty tips you can share with us?
KC: I wear little to no make-up while traveling to let me skin breathe and I drink plenty of water. I also keep my skincare products handy (in small containers!) in case I am on an extra long flight.

BN: Do you swear by any travel-related products?
KC: Ahhhh, the travel pillow and head phones to block out noise. This will help me relax and hopefully catch some zzz’s to rest and make the flight go by faster!

BN: What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from traveling?
KC: Dress comfortable and be ready for anything!

BN: Have you traveled for pleasure?
KC: I really enjoyed and connected with Paris, France. It is such a romantic city! My favorite part of the trip was walking the streets and sitting in cafes soaking in the everyday life there. It was beautiful. I took a ton of photos!

BN: Any advice on how to inject a little fun into a work/business trip?
KC:Try to squeeze in at least one good sight-seeing adventure while you are there. Something that tells of the town’s history is always very interesting.

BN: Has a city, country or experience while traveling influenced any of your song-writing
KC: I have a song called “Why I Sing.” I wrote this after a long trip to Europe. It was an exhausting long flight and I was on the go non-stop. But at the end of the day, it’s all worth it because I love what I do.

BN: Any other thoughts?
KC: Although I am eager to perform around the world and meet exciting people, traveling makes me cherish those people at home waiting for me and the city I live in when I am away!

To learn more about Kimberly and sample some of her tracks, visit her at www.myspace.com/kimberlycolemusic.

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