Pueblo Mà¡gico: A “Magic Town”

When New Yorkers escape to Mexico for an island retreat, we usually hit the white sandy beaches with a cocktail in our hand, sunscreen lathered thick and our big sunglasses on. We tend to not stray from the resort, but Mexico also has hidden gems away from the shore that lend themselves to tourists looking for adventure, culture, history and more while still providing the essentials of all that Mexico has to offer.

Guaycura Hotel and Spa is a Mexican-getaway located in the village of Todos-Santos, a well-kept secret full of rich heritage and culture nicknamed “Pueblo Mà¡gico,” a “magic town”. Todos-Santos, about an hour away from Los Cabos, is a known destination amongst artists with renowned art and architecture and has now caught the eyes of many tourists and adventurous vacationers. The Guaycura Hotel and Spa embraces the surrounding area of Todos-Santos, originally built in 1850, and was first used as a home to a local wealthy family and was then converted over the century as a school, art academy and policy academy before becoming the Guaycura.

Opened in the Spring of 2010, the Guaycura Hotel and Spa places fine art and décor at their core. While being renovated, the Salas Family, who bought the property, worked with the National Institute of Anthropology and History to maintain the buildings original architecture intact in order to best reflect the time period in which it was built. The rustic brick building is inviting to guests with a variety of bars and restaurants, spa services, a sky deck and swimming pool – perfect for a romantic retreat. And, if you are one of those vacation-goers that needs a little white sand between your toes, this charming town offers secluded beaches accessible only by dirt roads where some of the best surfers get wet.

Around the three-century old town of Todos-Santos, tourists are able be enriched in local culture including museums and art gallery hopping; breath-taking elements of mother nature including a waterfall adventure; and adventurous sports nothing short of surfing and diving. And don’t forget, there is an art gallery and exquisite architecture right within the hotel.

Along with some of the best views in town, guests are guaranteed to have a highly personalized experience with no less than two staff members assigned per guest room. Step out of your comfort zone and add a little cultural and artistic ambiance to your next Mexican escape. Don’t forget, it is not all museums and sightseeing, the beaches are still there, and if anything, provide more seclusion and intimacy for visitors. So, still pack your shades and sunscreen – you’ll need it!