Relax + Recharge Upstate in Beacon, NY

The Hudson Valley town of Beacon is a picturesque Metro-North Railroad ride along the Hudson River. Filled with galleries, charming shops, Brooklyn expats, and hiking trails, Beacon also offers leading-edge wellness indulgences.

Daydream Collaborative features a variety of services. Check out Limpia + Platica with Robyn Moreno, a Curanderismo practitioner, meditation teacher, and author. The session starts with a platica (heart-to-heart talk) and follows with a limpia — an energetic cleansing to remove “stuck” emotions, creating new pathways and possibilities. It’s a nurturing experience that leaves you feeling grounded yet uplifted.

Photo credit: Laura Simon

Or experience tarot with Taylor Jackson, who gives a fun, modern, and inclusive take on what the cards say. A reading from Jackson is a powerful tool for self-reflection.

Reflect on what you’ve learned at Daydream with an infusion from nearby tea emporium Miss Tea. Their Organic Immunitea (Verbena Echinacea) is just right for cold season. Or opt for another blend in their wide assortment of black, green, and herbal infusions.

Then, head across East Main Street to My Zen Den. Its decor is Tulum-meets-the square footage of your first NYC studio, but the vibe is boho-cozy and exclusive. My Zen Den focuses on Red Light Therapy. However, be sure to explore all they offer.

Craniosacral Balancing with Elizabeth Castagna, for example, is a subtle yet profound experience. Castagna has an artistry to her technique. She’s also a painter; that’s her painting in the Succession finale. And don’t miss the Akashic Reiki Sessions with Vienna Costanzo D’Aprile; they’ll help you balance your energy and tune into your intuition.

Practioner Maryam Wootan is a bit outside of town, but her Polarity Therapy and acupuncture sessions are well worth the trip. Her empathy and background as a registered nurse give each session with Wootan substance and speaks to her knowledge of Eastern and Western healing practices.

The fresh air of the Hudson Valley and one of these soothing wellness treatments will surely help you reclaim your calm.