Relaxation Abroad: Spa Edition with Xü’ukx Natural Spa – Masajes Oaxaca

Long days of catching flights and sitting between cramped economy seats (hey I’m a traveler on a budget), my body most definitely feels it as I check into my Airbnb. Sore, starving, and stiff I have two objectives: get food and a massage. I walk over to grab some street tacos. Crispy shells and tender pork with a dash of green sauce – my belly is full at last. I take a taxi over to Xü’ukx Natural Spa – Masajes Oaxaca, located in Oaxaca.

Scents of lemon and eucalyptus greet me as I step through the door. I’m in store for a full body massage and facial, this my first ever spa experience. The host directs me to the room and I promptly put my phone on silent (no need for surprise calls). The twinkling fairy lights emanate a soft glow as I disrobe and climb onto the massage table. I must admit— I was nervous. Will I be able to relax enough? How will my body react to someone touching me? Luckily, when my masseuse entered the room she greeted me with a warm smile and reassuring touch.

She begins with the Zapotec massage,, rubbing my body with mezcal infused with medicinal plants and herbs. My muscles immediately relax and my skin feels refreshingly cool. She focuses on my back at first, rubbing out the uncomfortable knots from my morning flight. Then my arms and legs are next, transporting me to a cloud of relaxation while gentle string music fills the room. It’s a slice of heaven on earth. To finish, she wraps my body in a shawl. I feel like a baby, secure and held, as she lifts me up and rolls my contained body side-to-side. This practice is to align the body and release pent-up energy and tension. Afterwards, I can attest that I felt so at ease.

Transitioning to the facial — a much needed treatment after airport germs, sweat, and oils marinating on my face. My masseuse actually would be doing my facial, which helps me to feel comfortable and secure throughout the process. She starts with an ozonated steam to my skin to open up my pores. My first experience with a facial steaming and I can only describe it as: marvelous. She applied a host of products onto my skin, starting with a cleanser, exfoliator, and a mask. The mask is formulated with local honey and roses, a treatment fit for royalty. I wish it would never end but, alas, all good things do. These treatments left me feeling balanced, serene, and at peace.

Before I left, I sat in on a fire cupping massage. The masseuse rubs down the client with mezcal, places the cotton bud flame into the cup, and then applies the cup to the client’s back. It was incredible watching this process and honestly, wish I could try it! The power of touch is transformative and at Xü’ukx Natural Spa, I was in amazing hands during my visit to Oaxaca!