Right Bank Sophistication: Saint James Paris


Paris, a travel destination that continues to allure, is imbued with many charming sights to see and even more appealing restaurants and luxury accommodations. On the right side of the iconic Seine lie luxury-filled boulevards and an array of majestic museums and monuments. The Right Bank, Rive Droite has stood as the home for royalty and dignitaries alike, still possessing a sense of lavish sophistication to this day. From the Champs Elysees to the corridors of the Louvre, there is an undeniable appearance of elegance and Parisian refinement nestled in each corner of the Right Bank.

Embodying the true essence of Parisian luxury and the Right Bank style, the Saint James Paris is perfectly situated in the heart of Paris’ most grand neighborhoods and stands today as the only chateau-hotel of the city. The estate was once a hot air balloon airfield where Montgolfier balloons departed, then established in 1892 as a foundation in the honor of French President Adolphe Thiers. For nearly a century, the neo-classically-designed building hosted brilliant young scholars. Today the chateau stands as a historic symbol and vision of splendor. The exquisite property boasts a beautiful gated entrance and evokes a sense of exclusivity in the center of Paris. Nestled in the 16th district, just off the renowned Avenue Foch and in walking distance to the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower, the hotel is perfectly situated. Close enough to visit the Guimet Museum, Palais de Chaillot and the Museum of Modern Art. With a genuine Parisian quality and distanced enough from the bustling attractions, the Saint James Paris truly provides an unparalleled retreat.

The charm of the century-old chateau lies in its extravagant décor. Revered interior designer Bambi Sloan has infused classic Napoleon III style with an eccentric array of contemporary furnishings, for an unmatched sense of modern sophistication seen throughout. The entrance of the hotel is the first visual encounter with a theatrical lobby, radiating timeless poise. Beyond each majestic red suite door is an individual story and experience for each guest. With varied genres of style from room to room, the designer’s intrinsic vision is evoked through a range of inspiration, from the chateau’s early origins with the display of Montgolfier balloon wallpaper to eccentric yet subtle infusions of textures, colors and design features. Offering a sampling of indulgence, the hotel has teamed up with Gemology Spa to provide unwinding and revitalizing treatments, allowing guests to truly indulge in their senses. Aspiring to give each guest an unforgettable and relaxing experience, the hotel emanates that of a private dwelling. Each room and suite blends charm and originality for a made-to-measure stay.

The welcoming accommodations are filled with charm and combine the superb service of a luxury hotel, unmatched exclusivity and the allure of a private home. From a gourmet restaurant and enchanting décor to a lush garden and terrace, the captivating Saint James Paris, is a Parisian encounter not to be missed.

Saint James Paris
43 Avenue Bugeaud, 75116 Paris, France

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