Sipping by the Sea:
Riedel Glassware and Celebrity Cruise Lines Pair Well Together


From Riedel’s Vinum Collection

Ever notice how much more you enjoy that martini in a pretty V-shaped glass rather than a short squat round tumbler? Champagne is more festive in a flute because it holds the bubbles longer, and red and white wines are served in different sized glasses so we can appreciate their taste and aroma more. We all know that size matters and Riedel Glass Ware is teaching us that shape also matters – paired up with Celebrity Cruise Lines Solstice Class ships, they offer an on-board wine tasting experience that’s like no other at sea.

At a recent taste testing when the elegant ship was docked here for an afternoon, I had the pleasure to experience the same Riedel seminar that passengers can experience while at sea. Paired with an elegant dinner in one of the specialty restaurants, this is an experience that sets Celebrity apart from the rest.

Riedel makes a number of different glass shapes, and during our session, we focused on four of them, specific to chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, and cabernet sauvignon. As our lively and informed sommelier talked about the varietals being poured with our delicious gourmet courses, he talked about wine notes, tastes and aromas. Each wine was poured into the wrong shaped glass and we tasted, after that we transferred the wine into the right glass and tasted. It was amazing how everyone could so easily perceive the difference. Strong oaky and woody notes that were so obvious in one shaped glass became totally unnoticeable and smooth in another. We sniffed, we swirled, we tasted on the front of our tongues, and then on the back. It was like experiencing a magician, thinking “how’d they do that?” All of us skeptics of course had to re-pour into the original glass to see if it was merely the power of suggestion. But no, the shape of the glass allows some aromas and tastes to escape while keeping other subdued. I’m no expert and so can’t explain to you why the flavors change from glass shape to glass shape; you’ll just have to experience this for yourself on Celebrity and ask them! Afterwards, you’re given a set of four Riedel wine glasses so you can recreate the experience at home. The cost is $87 per person, which includes the glasses.

What to do if the ship starts rocking and some of that wine misses your mouth? The quest for clothes that look elegant, don’t wrinkle, are easy to care for and can withstand a mishap like a spill can be like a search for the Holy Grail. Whine no more mon petite syrah, Ming Wang to the rescue! The basic black collection is created from the same high quality Amica knit fabric season after season, with a few seasonal colors added in. All the new pieces will match ones from prior seasons, so you can keep your favorite skirt and update it with a new jacket, or vice versa. Last year’s dress looks new and fresh worn with the ruffled jacket you see above. I love the horizontal tuxedo shirt-like fine pleating detail on the front and wore it over Ming Wang’s wide-legged pants, which have a great fit.

A votre santé!

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