Sleeping Soundly in New York:
Escape Your Own City at 70 Park Avenue hotel


We all know New York is the city that never sleeps – but that shouldn’t mean that you don’t. We are a city of honking cabs, blaring sirens, roaring traffic and other nighttime noise. Whatever is disturbing your sleep, consider a respite at 70 park avenue hotel. In honor of National Sleep Awareness Week, the swanky boutique hotel has just introduced a “sleep soundly” program that offers amenities for the shut-eye starved.

“At 70 park avenue hotel, we are always looking for new ways to make our guests feel at home, from personalized concierge services to our complimentary nightly wine hour,” says Ericka Nelson, the hotel’s general manager. “Getting a good night’s sleep impacts the entire guest experience, so these services are a natural extension of how we tailor each stay to make our guest comfortable and cared for.”

Check in and check out their pillow library, an assortment of specialty pillows for a variety of slumber needs.

“Pillows are no longer classified just by hard or soft, synthetic or down,” Nelson says.

Apparently, because who knew that the sobagara pillow even existed? According to Nelson, it’s an acupressure pillow made from buckwheat hull that stimulates acupressure points, increases circulation and assists spinal alignment – just one of a range of functional pillows. She says the hotel also carries flax seed eye pillows, which can be chilled and help soothe puffy eyes, and aromatherapy pillows that use natural herbs and exotic flowers to produce scents that relax, inspire creativity and reduce stress.

“We recently received a letter from a very grateful husband, who was traveling with his wife of over 30 years, thanking us for his wonderful stay – and magical anti-snoring pillow!” Nelson says.

70 park avenue even enlists the services of a pillow librarian, who pulls your pillow upon request and reserves it for your stay.

If you still think you might toss and turn after selecting your special pillow and curling up in the bed of their sophisticatedly styled rooms (designer Jeff Bilhuber has appeased the likes of Anna Wintour with his decorating skills), the hotel also offers a nightcap to send you off to dreamland. Their Sweet Dreams Nightcap is an all natural chocolate milk drink that helps lure you into slumber.

“Dreamerz Chocolate S’nores tastes like chocolate milk, and is made from reduced fat milk and other natural ingredients,” says Nelson. “We chose to provide Dreamerz to our InTouch members because it offers a natural and healthy alternative to sleep aids.” (InTouch members are part of 70 park avenue hotel’s loyalty program, it’s free to join.)

The new sleep services are in addition to the comforts the hotel already provides on a regular basis.

“Special attention is paid to every detail at 70 park avenue hotel,” Nelson says. “Beds are outfitted with luxurious Frette sheets, the soft glow of candela lamps provides relaxing lighting and a yoga channel with calming breathing techniques is available in guestrooms. Our concierge is also on-hand to book in-room spa treatments for a pampering way to wind down your day.”

So whether you need a night’s escape from a noisy neighbor or you want to put your snoring relatives up someplace other than your apartment, the 70 park avenue hotel is more than willing to accommodate.

“The quiet and luxurious setting provides a sanctuary for guests, a place where they can decompress, relax, and feel at home,” Nelson says.

Email the librarian at [email protected] to book your pillow ahead of time.

70 park avenue hotel
70 Park Ave at 38th St
New York, New York
(212) 973-2400

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