Sparrow Luggage: Fly Through TSA Checkpoints



Ever wish you could zip through the TSA checkpoint without having to dump everything into a gray bin? Problem solved with ecbc’s FastPass System, which eliminates the need for unpacking your tech items with their wheeled Sparrow’s front pocket section — simply unzip, lie flat, and send the whole bag through the scanner. Viola! You’re on your way to catch that plane. The Sparrow Wheeled Garment Bag comes with a portable power pack for charging electronics on the fly, too.


In fact, all of ecbc’s rolling carry-ons have a portable power pack, which can be a lifesaver when stuck at the airport with no options for plugging in and re-powering. Ecbc is a relatively new luggage company devoted to solving travel and luggage problems, so all of your tech items are fiercely protected with ample padding — and there are special compartments for fitting all of your tech items into your luggage as well.


The Sparrow Wheeled Garment Bag comes in black and grey, contains a dedicated fold-out garment section, a quick charge pocket, self-repairing zippers, modular inserts for laptops and iPads, a Snapback ID tag, high density protective foam, a quick access ticket pocket (so useful!), a phone pocket, and a zippered water bottle holder. Bonus features: it only weighs 9 pounds, is water resistant, and it’s nearly indestructible. Read more and order yours for summer travels at

Bon voyage!

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