Spring Break: Top 5 Reasons for Cruising via NYC

If you dream of taking a cruise or simply need to get away from gritty Gotham City, I recently did some investigation on the Atlantic and discovered several fundamental tips for travelers in the tri-state area.

#1: Convenience — Norwegian Cruise Line offers several cruises sailing off from the Hudson River in midtown. The ships sail from Manhattan to the Caribbean and Islands with a precision and elegance usually only found at the New York Ballet (a few blocks away).

Hint: Use Uber if embarking and you live in the city, have someone drop you off at pier 48 if live in the region, for the least expensive rates, park your car at MPG Manhattan Plaza if you insist on driving.

#2: Freestyle Cruising: Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) offers an open schedule for all activities and dining options. You can eat, play, gamble and shop when you want. The all-inclusive packages involves several restaurants and buffets, however, I recommend you splurge and dine in several of their upscale restaurants for an additional prix fixe or from the a la carte menu.

Hint: Ocean Blue, Cagney’s Steakhouse and Teppanyaki are worth the extra dip in your purse or wallet.

#3: Membership Benefits: The NCL Latitudes Rewards are a loyalty program. It’s worth the sign up. Benefits include perks such as a free bottle of bubbly, discounts in duty free shopping, laundry service plus a few Internet minutes (depending on the level of the program). I appreciated the expedited disembarkation at ports especially when I arrived back in NYC. While the great masses wait in a line that snakes thru the casino and theatre to get on land, you will be able to breeze thru the traffic as quick as a New York minute with a special pass.

Hint: A new and larger ship is coming soon that will launch from the city.

#4: Where the hell am I? Norwegian Cruise Line leaves from the Hudson River at Pier 48. I met people who drove in from the Midwest, flew in from other countries and gathered from all crossroads. I was able to hail a cab and get there in a very short time. You do need to know that they changed the entrance ramp to 56th Street so you don’t get bogged down in traffic or tossed into the gang of tourists trying to board the Circle Line.

#5: Single in the City — Don’t be afraid to travel alone! For single voyagers, Norwegian Cruise Line has a special section of the ship that is dedicated exclusively for you and creates its own community — you no longer have to pay double occupancy. The duplex offers queen-size beds and other amenities including a refreshment bar and social gatherings. You will meet other single travelers or keep to your own privacy. This is an unique offer by NCL and no other cruise line. I think it’s brilliant for the shy, divorced or those who are simply fed up with family and/or people. Think of it as your sailing vacation away from your boss, that annoying co-worker, etc.

This is part of a series on travel, cruising and dining. Be sure to read Beauty News NYC Magazine in the coming weeks for more insider tips and ideas.

Check out more about the NCL cruises from NYC here:

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