Terminal Beauty: From Coast to Coast

Beauty aficionados can find beauty bargains anywhere. Whether it’s at the drugstore, department store, specialty shop or beauty emporium, if there is a deal to be had or a niche item to be purchased, beauty lovers will travel to the ends of the Earth to find it! Thankfully beauty shopping has become even more accessible so even travelers can find themselves a beauty bounty while waiting for their connecting flight.

Airport terminal boutiques are a welcome relief from the all too predictable snack shops and magazine stands. From high-end day spas to brand name beauty stores, a gorgeous experience awaits you on your next vacation.

JFK is one of the most coveted terminals on our list. From upscale fashion boutiques including Hermes, Coach, Bulgari, Cartier and Ferragamo to your basic duty free shops, there is a range of shopping options for the traveler without a budget.

There are several choices such as Clinique/Estee Lauder, L’Occitane and API Beauty. If you’ve been crammed in coach class on the red-eye from LA and require some much needed pampering, trot over to JetBlue in Terminal 6 and try out one of the Oasis Day Spa’s Jet Set Facial Treatments and a mani/pedi.

If you think Boston is only good for a rowdy Red Sox games and some good ol’ clam chowder, you’re in for a surprise. At Logan airport, shopping is anything but ordinary, from staples at Basics Health and Beauty to the delightfully French fare at L’Occitane. You’ll find more than your fair share of body lotions, perfumes and other beauty products in Beantown’s biggest airport! Give Jet Setter Mini Spa a try for a full body massage and foot rub. There is even a Polished in Terminal C for a mani/pedi!

Hartsfield-Jackson is becoming a popular airport for both domestic and international flights. With Delta airlines headquartered in Atlanta, millions of travelers find themselves spending some time and money at the Hartsfield-Jackson airport. Check out The Body Shop, Fine Fragrances, Bath and Body Works and Bare Escentuals. Ready to indulge in some spa therapy? Try out Xpress Spa in Terminal C for treatments your wallet and body can appreciate!

Flying to the windy city is more than just a breeze – it’s also a chance to shop ’til you drop! Start with a quick jaunt to Duty Free Americas where you can pick up something lovely for less than you would back home. Next on the list is a back rub at the Back Rub Hub where massages take the kinks out of your neck and the aches from your tired back. If you require more in-depth treatments, you can walk over to the O’Hare Hilton and check into the health club for a deep tissue massage or facial.

Lose your heart and your money at San Francisco’s International airport. This city by the bay boasts more than beautiful views. Any airport that has a Sephora is an airport we would want to be in! There’s also a Body Shop where you can shop to your heart’s content for global goodies and sweet treats. If you have enough time to try out some services, stop over at the Hair Salon in the International Terminal for a cut, condition and blowout that will keep you looking your best. There’s also an Xpress Spa that has cutting edge spa therapy treatments from facials to mani/pedis.