Thanksgiving Travel Carry-Ons

So long the days of spooky season and hello November with longer nights and running around the airport. Between red eye flights and delays, I prepare with these luggage essentials that make my journeys as smooth as take off.

For a quick getaway, I need a bag that is easy to pack, lots of storage, and water resistance (I never know when I’ll get caught in the rain). Nomatic’s Travel Pack checks all those boxes and many more that I have not considered but realized were so useful while heading in the car or boarding the plane. This sleek waterproof bag is designed to pack like a suitcase yet wear like a backpack! The multiple compartments keep me organized to a T, which includes the sunglass holder, key line, and even a laptop section to keep my electronics safe and sound. On the side I’m able to store my beloved water bottle with ease thanks to the magnetic side pockets, so no accidental slips or spills.

Throughout the Travel Pack are hidden pockets to store any valuables that I don’t want floating around in plain sight or falling out as I go through TSA. If I’m needing more room I can expand the pack up to 50% more while keeping a sleek appearance. The wow factor of this backpack is it turns into a briefcase if I need to carry it in my hands or for a hand’s free option there are custom made sleeves to slip the bag onto the handles of my suitcase. Nomatic’s Travel Pack is a must have for all travelers near and far!

Needing more space? I recommend Nomatic’s Packing Cubes. Offered in large, medium, and small, these cubes have been a lifesaver as I road-tripped through New England. The mesh lining allows for air flow and keeps all my garments secure and compressed once I zip the cubes up. I was able to pack multiple shirts and bottoms into the medium pack and any undergarment into the small one, still having ample room in my Travel Pack for other goodies. There’s no going wrong with Nomatic in traveling.

Let’s take a break from luggage and carry air up with us to the airport. The world’s first air scented water bottle makes for a perfect traveling companion, whether on the ground, sea, or in the sky. How does it work? Well the pods (containing various spices, fruit essences, and other smell-good items) are placed onto the nozzle’s base. Pop up for the scent which is released while drinking due to the slurping sound which means air is hitting the nostrils, making the brain think there is a flavor! If no flavor is wanted, simply pop down for plain H2O. The flavors are not packing a punch like soda or juice, instead a beautiful waft that stimulates the senses akin to a sparkling water vibe.

Similar to sparkling water, air up has no animal products, sweeteners, artificial flavors or dyes, and is 0 calories – perfect for everyday use. Onto the fun flavors air up offers and that I’ve been sipping on: the Lemon Basil has a deliciously herbal and fruity flavor that keeps me drinking during layovers and Criminal Minds. The pod flavored with Passionfruit and Mango is a tropical exploration while driving to-and-fro campus that reminds me of summertime fun. If I’m craving a mental getaway to a luxurious spa, I pop in the cucumber pod while I meditate and feel the inner calm. There’s a number of other flavors for those who want something more sweet like orange vanilla or cherry-cola. Each set comes with 3 pods, which last a while before I have to restock. You’ll never catch me traveling without my air up. Snag their Silver Santa set for the holiday season!

Back to luggage and the long haul trips, which require a great deal of more space as I jet-set around the world, but I need just the right suitcase. Level 8 has the solution with their Gibraltar Aluminum Carry-On. A gorgeous and high-end appearance for all my traveling needs, I picked the carry-on size to keep everything cute and compact. The shiny look comes from the suitcase’s Aerospace-grade aluminum material. The gliding wheels turn in a 360-degree formation, so no snagging or jerking as I bustle from TSA to boarding, and it’s elegant handle easily expands and fits comfortably in my hand. My clothing is secure with its TSA-approved built-in lock, which provides peace-of-mind while flying domestic or overseas, and I’m able to stay tidy with the suitcase’s included traveling packs (included with the purchase of this suitcase). There is no better luggage on the market than Level 8! Their Black Friday sale is currently running, which offers an exclusive 20% discount on everything on the site – so grab yours before it’s gone.

Safe travels this holiday season, beauty babes!