A Bird’s Eye View: The Coca-Cola London Eye


London Eye 1

Imagine savoring a 360-degree view of glittering London at your favorite time of day or night, 40km up in the air, with a view of all of the city’s famed sites: Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the River Thames, and more. That is the Coca-Cola London Eye experience — which explains why it attracts more visitors each year than the Taj Mahal or Great Pyramids of Giza. Second only to the Eiffel Tower in “incredibly romantic” popularity, it was deemed Most Romantic Spot in the U.K. Whether you’re looking for romance or not, the Coca Cola London Eye definitely renders any trip to London spectacular and memorable.

London Eye 2

There are 32 capsules on the ferris wheel from which you can gawk at all of London’s resplendent beauty, and each capsule offers state-of-the-art interactive Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet guides with fascinating details about the panoramic views. Centrally located and in close proximity to the River Thames and Houses of Parliament, it’s situated in London’s popular South Bank area.

London Eye 3

You can book a private capsule for your group if you please, too. Enjoy champagne over the course of your 30-minute ride and toast your great fortune to be in London with such an incredible view. For more info about hours, check out http://www.londoneye.com and to read about all of the amazing specialty capsule tours: https://www.londoneye.com/private-capsules/. Cheers!

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