The Emerson Resort & Spa Reinvents Itself in 2024

I have visited the Emerson Resort & Spa in Mount Tremper, NY, for years and it never disappoints, especially as a perfect relaxing retreat away from the City. This year I returned to this sanctuary and found that there were some changes that made the resort more family-friendly, but still a place that has something for everyone. This resort is my go-to for a short, tried and true relaxing respite from stress.

The Emerson Spa is one thing that has not changed over the many years I have visited. The Spa Menu is always updated, of course, to reflect the modern emphasis on health and wellness, but the decor and quality of service remains stellar. This time I decided to indulge my spiritual side, by having the Mind, Body, Soul treatment. This treatment is out of the ordinary because it includes a Tarot Card reading, massage, and a crystal Reiki healing. 

The treatment began with the Tarot Card reading, which makes me anxious because I have no idea what I will be told… I am always afraid it will be something negative. Of course, that has never happened and did not happen this time. In fact, I really benefitted from the card reading and it was spot on as far as my personality and changes I should make in my life. My aesthetician and Tarot Card reader said that she likes to begin with the reading because it sets the tone for the other treatments. 

Once the cards were read, I was eager to implement some of the changes recommended, which were novel and unique. The massage followed, and you can decide whether you want a full-body 30-minute massage, or one that concentrates on a couple of areas. I chose my shoulders and lower back, and was glad that I did, because it really helped relieve tension. 

The final treatment is the crystal and Reiki healing, where you simply lie down face up, while your aesthetician uses crystals and soft chanting to heal you. This was the perfect ending to the treatment, and sent me off in a meditative mood to lie down in the relaxation room lounges.

After my spa treatment, and relaxation, I headed to the outdoor hot tub, which is a favorite of mine because I can use it even if the weather is cold. It is so great to be able to sit outside in nature while in the soothing, warm water. For further pampering, you can also enjoy the sauna located in the changing area.

Once I felt fully pampered, I decided to venture outside to the Shops at Emerson and see the World’s Largest Kaleidoscope show. I always enjoy the quaint shops, including a general store, home and garden items, men’s, women’s, and children’s clothes, as well as bath and body products. The Kaleidostore is a must-see, with a collection of unique kaleidoscopes from all over the world. My goal was to see the show featuring the World’s Largest Kaleidoscope, located in a 56-foot-tall silo that you watch in the dark while looking up. I highly recommend this show, which is relatively short, about 10 minutes, with a spectacular array of colorful designs and music. This show has been at Emerson for years, but it was the first time I had watched it.

Although there are so many staples at Emerson, the most notable change to the resort is the dining experience. During previous visits, I dined at the Woodnotes restaurant, located inside the Emerson Inn building. It was open for all meals, so if I did not want to go outside to eat, it was very convenient. On this recent visit I discovered that the Woodnotes was no longer open for dinner, and guests at the Inn had to go to the Catamount Restaurant located at the Lodge. This was different for several reasons. First, it meant that I had to go outside for dinner, which is not bad if you have a car, but on this visit, I took a bus. So, I decided to walk, even though the resort offered to drive me over. It was cold outside, but it was also incredibly dark, so I recommend driving to the restaurant, especially if you are alone. Since I am from New York City, I never feel walking in the pitch dark is safe anywhere.

Once I arrived at the Catamount Restaurant, after walking for a few minutes, I was welcomed into a relaxed, cabin vibe, with lots of families. The service was great, and the food was amazing, so there is no difference in quality from Woodnotes. I started out with a cocktail and ordered the Catamount Margarita. My server was amazing and made sure that the bartender made the cocktail sweeter than normal. I had the Baby Spinach Salad that was so fresh, including strawberries, goat cheese and candied pecans. My entrée was the Grilled Faro Island Salmon with roasted broccoli and saffron-herb jasmine rice. The sweet potato fries were also calling my name, so I added them to the meal. Everything was so good, well-seasoned, and fresh. After dinner, I left feeling very satisfied, and it was nice to take a brisk walk back to the Inn.

I highly recommend a visit to the Emerson Resort & Spa at any time of year if you want to renew your spirit and clear your mind. It always does the trick for me.

5340 Route 28
Mount Tremper, NY 12457