Things to Consider When Buying Gifts for the Frequent Traveler


I used to travel a lot ( post-pandemic woes ensue ). Each trip you take makes you realize what you bring can help or hinder your trip. Here are some useful things to consider when purchasing items for your frequent traveler friend. Keep in mind, everyone is different. But most center on being useful and taking up less space rather than more. This leaves room for more personal and fun items ( like extra shoes or swimsuits ). It also just makes your travels simpler and easier.

Liquid Replacement Products

Fomin Soap Paper Sheets

Do you have a traveler friend who tries to cram everything they need in a carry on? It’s important to have products that replace anything liquid, gel or paste to accomdate TSA restrictions. Replacing the liquid version of products usually means a lighter bag, less mess, and less stress.

Aroha Oils Sunehri Acne Face Cleanser replaces liquid with a powder cleanser that utilizes herbs and Ayurvedic practices to cleanse and treat skin.

Sunehri Acne Face Cleanser – $29

For those who favor backpacking or camping, Fomin Soap replaces bulky cleansing items for thin, lightweight, and easy to pack soap sheets.

Fomin Soap Antibacterial Paper Soap Sheets – $10

Helping Skin with Hydration

One of the first things to show signs of stress from traveling is your skin. Planes dry your skin out. Driving makes you want to avoid water intake to reduce bathroom delays. Sometimes finding the time to drink your 8 glasses or apply any moisturizer just does not work out. Finding alternative ways to help get that moisture back in does wonders for that travel and fatigued skin.

Neora Hydrogel Eye Patches

Under-Eye Gel Patches

If you travel a lot but don’t want to look like you’ve actually taken that 13 hour flight across seas, using gel eye patches are a brilliant way to disguise that. They are excellent for flights since you can just place them on your under-eye area while you rest. They are also handy for the pick me up before your itinerary begins in the morning and while you recharge at your hotel at night. Neora’s Eye-V Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches offers super-hydrating eye patches that utilize their ThermoReact™ delivery system. They are formulated with a patented SIG-1191® molecule in combination with many other hydrating ingredients so your travels don’t take a toll on you. As an additional tip, you can use this around your mouth as well.

Neora’s Eye-V Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches – $45

Sheet Masks

Another hydration boost can be through utilizing sheet masks. Throw one on during a flight to avoid that cabin air drying out your skin or at night so you can hide how much sleep you were missing.

Both eye-gels and sheet masks come in thin packages, making it easy to toss a few into your bag without bulking it up.

Mini Humidifier

multitasky portable bottle humidifier at desk

Whether you are in a cafe, on a plane, or in a car, you no longer have to worry about the air damaging your skin by drying it out. While previously, only large, monster humidifiers were in the market, Multitasky has the presented us perfect on the go solution – The Anywhere Portable Bottle Humidifier. You can keep this cute self-standing pill shaped bottle anywhere to create that portable hydration station or put it into a bottle with the extension for a longer mist time. You can check out our other feature on Multitasky’s portable humidifer for a more in depth look. Mine has already accompanied me on multiple weekend trips, making it my go-to mini luxury item.

The Anywhere Portable Bottle Humidifier – $30

Multi-Purpose [ Beauty ] Products

Beauty Magnet QVC 5-in-1 Tool
Beauty Magnet 5-in-1 Tool

For traveling it’s important to condense what you have. Travel sized items are smaller and more compact, allowing for optimized space and weight in luggage. Smaller sets that confine how much space beauty items take up help as well as make it clear what items you have when you need to quickly reach for products.

For luxe travelers who have a specified skin routine, you don’t want to skip out because you are missing your tools. Beauty Magnet’s 5-in-1 Professional grade tool kit puts all your essential skincare tools in a wicked Swiss Army knife form. It contains a professional derma roller, a rose quartz face roller, a precision tweezer, eye roller and comedone extractor. All of these are attached with a magnet at the base so nothing will get loose. I personally find this useful even just at home since having all my tools separated can get messy and here they are consolidated into once place and in a hard shell case.

Beauty Magnet 5-in-1 Professional Skin Care – $125

Another option is to get items that serve multiple purposes to reduce the amount of products you have while you travel. Instead of bringing a concealer and acne treatment you can just use the August and Monroe 3-1 Blemish Camouflage. It serves the purse of two items and help you fight unexpected breakouts in your travels whether abroad or in the office. Having one handing in a purse helps. It also changes color tones so you can use it as acne spot treatment or mix to get to your shade. Check out our more in depth review here.

3-1 Blemish Camouflage – $38

Portable Productivity Products

SideTrak Swivel Monitor

If your frequent traveler giftee works while they travel, their workstation has to be as minimal and as effective as possible. Bulky items and anything heavy will immediately not be considered.

However, having a portable monitor is almost a god-send. Typically if you are traveling with a laptop, it is likely to be thin and have a small screen. Having a portable monitor changes the productivity game, especially for programmers or content creators who really need that extra screen real estate.

SideTrak goes above and beyond with their Swivel HD by offering not only a external monitor but also making it extremely portable as a flat, flexible attachment to your laptop. Installation is simple and non-permanent meaning if you change your mind about placement you won’t have to worry about damaging your laptop. SideTrak solves the problem of collaboration on the go with clients or coworkers – well at least the technical aspects of it.

Swivel HD Portable Monitor – $339

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