Travel: An In-the-Bag Trio to Make It All Easier

Here are three items that will render your summer travels easier and more comfortable:

If you’re transporting a suit or dress, this convertible Charcoal Canvas WEEKENDER GARMENT BAG from Combat Gents pulls triple duty with two shoe compartments and room for a toiletries kit. This all-in-one garment bag rolls up into an easy to carry piece of luggage. It lays flat like a garment bag with an interior hook, and rolls into a duffle bag. Goodbye wrinkled clothing. This Weekender garment bag meets international carry-on requirements, too. Cotton canvas exterior, with interior hanger hooks; cotton twill interior and genuine leather handles. Order ir at

The EXOTICS by GURUNANDA is a line of 20 essential oils (100%) that are useful in myriad ways at home on while traveling. On planes, they can calm and soothe you (lavender, cypress, petitgrain, vetiver, chamomile), fight germs (oregano), or energize (ylang-ylang, lime, geranium, bergamot). They also smell fantastic in small areas like planes, and because there are no chemicals added, they don’t overwhelm and annoy others. Bonus: you can create your own Exotic roll-on blends and fragrances in small travel sizes — and use them to fresh up hotel rooms. Visit for the complete list of blends and oils, and order at

Do your ears pop on planes, and do you wish you could plug out noise when trying to sleep? (yes and yes!). The solution is PLUGGERZ from Comfoor B.V in Doetinchem, Holland: a soft ear plug that gently twists into your ear to calibrate sound; they provide professional hearing protection wherever needed (planes, concerts, at work, home construction, etc.). Use these high quality standard plugs or have them made to measure. Pick them up at:

May the road rise up to meet you!