Travel: Beauty in the Bag ~ Essential Trip Trio

Cougar‘s soft, leather FAME shoe melds style with comfort and high quality nappa leather to enable you to put your best foot forward wherever you roam across the globe. Available in white or black, you can pair these shoes with a flirty skirt, jeans, casual summer dress, jumpsuit onesie, or shorts for a whirlwind day of sight-seeing or an evening strolling around a cobblestone village. On-trend and crafted with care, these shoes will quickly become your favorites. Why ruin a great trip with footwear that’s less than perfect? Step into foot heaven! Find these and many other styles at

Flash a killer brow game at your destination with YBF‘s Automatic Eyebrow Pencil that features 22 different shades, ranging from blonde to brunette, red, black, salt & pepper, and platinum silver. Wowza! Define, sculpt, and match any shade with this inspired instrument. In case you didn’t guess, ybf is short for your best friend. There’s a good reason why 13 million ybf Automatic Eyebrow Pencils have been sold over the last two decades, and that reason is because it’s an awesome innovation. The pencil changes color based on the amount of pressure applied for a natural matchm, and there’s no need for sharpening; simply twist up for a fresh point. Order them at and

No one wants to travel without a moisturizer, especially to sunny or arid climates that dry out the skin, so pack Teasane Facial Tea to remain hydrated and to nourish skin throughout your trek. This rich herbal facial cream contains calendula, rosemary, chamomile and evening primrose oil to battle wrinkles and deliver a potent, anti-aging line of defense from Mother Nature. It feels replenishing on the plane, too, so keep it handy in your on-board bag! Order at

Happy Trails!