Travel Books for the Armchair Explorer

The next best thing to trekking across Nepal, or watching the sun set over the African plains, is to read about it in in rich detail. These books will sate your curiosity and broaden your perspective:


Lonely Planet has an astounding book that will keep you enrapt for hours on end — The Travel Book: A Guide to Every Country In The World. Each country’s section is filled with distinctive, often breath-taking pictures and insider information about its culture, traditions, people and terrain. This has to be one of the most fascinating and ambitious travel books imaginable, and it will absolutely whet your appetite for summer travels (maybe even spring and weekend trips). Read more at


Left Beyond The Horizon: A Land Rover Odyssey by Christopher Many is the tale of a New Yorker who took his car (named Matilda) around the world and wrote about his journey. It’s a bestseller in Germany, on its 8th edition. He traversed more than 100 countries in 8 years, visited 5 continents in 3,000 days, worked odd jobs to support himself along the way, and covered 124,000 miles. Read about the frozen tundra of Siberia, what it
s like to travel across Africa and explore Mongolia, and much more for vicarious thrills: Buy the book at

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