Travel: Camping & Glamping with Kelty

As the weather warms our souls, we yearn to immerse in nature. And of course, we vary in how we want to do that. One may happily pitch a tent at the Grand Canyon, with nothing but a sleeping bag and some snack bars to watch the sun set, and another may glamp on a private resort with a roster of curated local experiences on the agenda. Either way, Kelty has the gear you want.

This Tru Comfort Double-Wide Sleeping Bag in a vibrant Red Brick or Deep Teal suits big and/or tall people, or two people who want to snuggle or simply sleep. Whether you’re snoozing or snuggling, you want two things from your sleeping bag: contact with your bae, and temperature control. This brilliant bag enables both. Wider than a standard double with a hood that accommodates two standard-sized pillows, the Tru Comfort Doublewide offers each person their own personal snuggle blanket and foot vent. Ideal for couples who want the best well-made sleeping bag-for-two on the market. Warm and durable, this is absolutely worth the investment if you’re a traveler.

You can find this other sleeping bags in different colors and styles for for women or men (in Long) and for Kids, too. Kelty also offers tents, backpacks, ground pads, tactical gear and more at: Be a happy camper this year!