Venture Far with Your Sea Bag

Sea Bags of Maine re-purpose recycled sails in Portland, Maine to create sturdy totes and bags that are definitely distinctive. Each has its own salty tale of adventure, and this Octopus Handbag features an illustration from the official expedition report of the HMS Challenger, which was the 1872-76 scientific cruise that established the field of oceanography. How is that for bag bragging rights? The lining is printed with Charles Darwin’s handwritten notes from The Origin of Species as an incredible touch.

There’s a wide array of bag styles, colors, and graphics from which to choose at, so check them all out to see which appeal to you the most. It’s intriguing to think of where your bag may have traveled in the world before it ended up in your hand, and the recycled sail bag concept is laudable. Pack it with your favorite travel items, and hit the road!