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Small factors often make an enormous difference in terms of convenience, getting something accomplished, and maintenance when traveling: the weight of your bag, the number of pockets it has & where they’re placed, the effectiveness of your sunscreen or moisturizer, and more. Here are some items that will help you travel light and easy:


Australians know a thing or two about traveling. When they travel, it’s often for the long haul, so the STM brand from Sydney, Australia, crafts backpacks with as many convenient bells and whistles as possible. For example, the Drifter model is powered up with an integrated smart phone power supply so you can charge your phone or table on the fly. For people who hike across deserts or up mountains, or even people stranded in a cafe with no free outlets, this is a godsend. Other features include a built-in strap for attaching to luggage, extra pockets for organizations light weight (2.3 lbs), waterproof lining, back padding, a side bottle pocket, and a padded portion for a laptop. See all of the offerings — including the Haven model shown above — at STM has also partnered with Reward Tag in case you lose your backpack.


OJAS Vitamin C Serum is an effective, luxurious, anti-aging serum that packs a whollop but is light and small enough to carry in your luggage or purse. It improves skin firmness and elasticity with peptides, knotgrass, orange blossom, pre-probiotics, vitamin C, edelweiss plant stem cells, hyaluronic acid, organic aloe, lemon, lime, orange stem cells, sea fennel plant stem cells and green tea. Battle wrinkles on the go! Find this super-serum at


If your travels include biking, hiking, sightseeing, or simply wanting a lightweight bag that’s out of your way, the single-strap AmeriBag is designed to promote a healthy back and ease of use. Smartly designed to minimize stress on your neck and conform to the contours of your spine, this bag distributes weight across your back and includes a hidden, padded pocket for a tablet, cushioned + non-slip strap, key hook, and multiple convenient pockets for phones, keys, pens, sunglasses, etc. With the main double zip always against your bag, your stuff is safe and accessible only to you. Unisex and elegant, these bags are a boon for everyone:

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