Treat Your Skin to a Luxurious Facial at NOLA’s Restoration Spa

There is an abundance of good times in New Orleans. Jazz music. Hot beignets. And in my experience, fantastic facials at the Restoration Spa from Ashley Ellis. Ashley is a licensed esthetician, passionate about making her clients feel comfortable with her tender touches, words of encouragement, and southern hospitality. I entered the salon and was greeted by the front staff, telling them I had an appointment with Ashley. A woman appeared with dark hair and a warm smile. “Hi, I’m Ashley,” she said, then she led me to the studio for a facial and a robe.

I changed and snuggled into the table as I breathed in the herbal and citrus-scented air.

Ashley knocked on the door and began cleansing my skin. We chatted about my trip down to Louisiana and suggestions she had for places to head to (a restaurant down the street was her absolute go-to). Exfoliation followed with a microbead scrub and a steaming to open my pores for treating blackheads. Her touch was guided by care and comfort as she swept away sebum and blemishes. Afterwards, she put a red light treatment on my face to kill bacteria and help with fine lines. This was my favorite part of the treatment before she applyied the finishing touches of toner and moisturizers.

Ashley added a thin coat of lip balm and… I was finished, feeling refreshed and glowy! Stop by the Restoration Spa for your facial needs and to be taken care of by Ashley.