Vacation Dreams at Albergo Allegria

Got traveling fever? Find your cure in upstate New York, surrounded by nature. May I suggest Albergo Allegria , located in Windham, NY. A cozy, family and woman-owned bed & breakfast off the beaten path (and near the cutest shops). I made my way up for a weekend to clear my head and satisfy my need for exploration. As I drove up, I was impressed by beautiful mountains in the distance and an adorable inn, Albergo Allegria, also known as “Inn of Happiness,” and that it was as I headed into the lobby. There I found Leslie, one of the owners, who checked me in. I had room 18 (my lucky number) and went to check out my new place for the next few days.

Before I made my way inside, I saw a gorgeous garden with bees buzzing within and squirrels hopping from place to place. It felt like something out of a fairytale. I had a porch to hang out on, where I spent too many hours writing and napping, near my room.

In my room, the first thing I noticed was the massive, king-sized bed, which I promptly flopped onto and sank into its plush pillows. A nap was in order after all of that driving.

Once I awoke and realized where I was, I had to try a bath; the room featured a huge tub with jets for the ultimate spa experience. I grabbed a robe from the closet, which was super soft, and started my little spa night. I applied a face mask while the water ran, I added some bubbles, and I soaked for what felt like forever (okay, actually just an hour but still…).

Outside of the back door is a stream for guests to enjoy and I made my way out there every morning to write, watch the animals, or simply stick my toes in. The view was enchanting, and as a city girl, my heart felt so overfilled with joy to connect with nature.

The rest of my days there were filled with relaxation, hiking, and fluttering around town. Once my trip was over, I had one last experience at Albergo Allegria that sealed the deal its distinction as the best place to stay at in Windham: the breakfast. Only served on weekends while I was there, I had a butter squash quiche and garden salad before heading back onto the road.

Albergo Allegria made my visit to the Catskills unforgettable and I can’t wait to head back up for some more delicious food, blissful nature, and clear air. Book your trip here and let them know I sent you!

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