Walker Hotel Tribeca: A New Yorker Perspective

Who needs an excuse to get a hotel room? The fluffy towels, plush bed sheets, and gorgeous view — sometimes we all need a little break from the humdrum routine. That’s why I spent the weekend on a getaway… only a train ride away, downtown to the Walker Hotel located in Tribeca.

I exited the N train, and a five-minute walk landed me at the hotel’s front entrance. The hotel has a sleek setup with stairs that lead down to the check-in desk. There was a couple ahead of me so I took some time to wander over to the cafe area, where I saw guests in their mid-twenties and thirties, clicking away on their laptops while sipping tea or eating slices of baked goods. At last, it was my turn to check in. The concierge greeted me with a warm smile, took my information, and directed me up the elevator to my room.

After a speedy elevator ride, I was into my home-away-from-home for the weekend. The first element that surprised me was how close-quarters the room was: the sink was to my left and the bathroom only a hop away to my right. In center stage was the king sized bed overlooking an industrially-cool view of downtown. This was the perfect amount of room for me, being five foot tall and a solo traveler, but if you’re traveling as a couple or tall person, you might want to upgrade to a bigger room.

I hopped on the bed to get a sense of where I’d be catching up on my beauty sleep. The crisp white linens and cushiony pillows felt incredible against my skin, cradling me with every movement I made. On the bedside there was plenty of room for my chargers and a padlet of buttons to control the lighting (all lights on, off, and a mirror light) and curtain (all the way up or down).

Walker Hotel

The decor was tasteful: a modern black and white approach to the history of the city featuring iconic landmarks like the Empire State Building and Lady Liberty.

Walker Hotel

After some time I headed over to the bathroom to freshen up. There’s a glass partition to separate the bathroom from the room, which made it easy to play music from the TV while I was in there. The bathroom itself was small yet luxe and very well-kept. The classic fluffy towels waited for me as I headed into the shower.

Post-shower I started getting ready for my astrology dinner later that evening, at the Walker’s Greenwich location. I found a robe and slippers waiting for me in the closet which I slipped into as I began my primping.

A few hours later and I was finished! I made my way to the desk that had ample room for writing and reading, which is perfect for creatives or businesspeople who need a little office space while traveling. I got into my groove when all of a sudden I heard a knock on the door.

I opened the door to be greeted by a staff member holding a bottle of wine. At first I was sure it was the wrong room, but he revealed a handwritten note from one of the lovely coordinators at the Walker Hotels, saying how she was excited to see me this evening for dinner and to enjoy the wine. I thanked him and opened up the bottle of red. It was absolutely delicious and set the mood for the rest of the evening.

I spent the next day lounging around in my room, eating creme donuts and watching Black Mirror, the ultimate day of indulgence while on my staycation. The Walker Hotel Tribeca is a place for the modern traveler, whether on business, leisure or just needing a slice of NYC.

The Walker Hotel Tribeca
77 Walker Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 735-8000
Website: https://www.walkerhotels.com/walker-hotel-tribeca/

Summer Bonus: The hotel has a rooftop bar, too!