Where to Wear – Worldwide Style


 Tourists use maps to find their way through the terrain of new a city while fashionistas use there shopping guides to locate the best shopping destinations a city has to offer. Where to Wear Fashion Guides are the top tools any hardcore haute couture hunter could ever have. From scoping out hard to find niche boutiques to scoring deals at major discount outlets, these handy little guides fit easily in your Bottega Venetta while steadily remaining your secret style weapon.
Each guide is written by a talented team of fashion forward journalists. Every boutique, department store and outlet chain is detailed to a tee, from rating the selection of apparel offered to breaking down the price ranges, everything you would need to know about shopping in the top cities around the world is featured in these gorgeous little guides. Currently, there are several Where to Wear guides offered such as; Milan, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Australia, Las Vegas, Florida, London and more. With new guides arriving in the near future, everyone can experience a true slice of fashion paradise no matter where they venture next.
For more information or to order guides, please visit www.wheretowear.com

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